Community Rules & Guidelines



The following Rules and Guidelines have been set forth to supplement and clarify the information found in the Declaration of Covenants… and Bylaws under which the Blacklick Ridge Homeowner Association operates. All residents are asked to abide by these Rules and Guidelines so our community will remain an attractive and harmonious place to live and the opportunity for our home values to increase. They have been developed with common sense and consistency in mind, and are not intended to be restrictive to the enjoyment of your property.
These Rules, Guidelines, restrictions and covenants concerning the use and occupancy of the Blacklick Ridge properties shall run with the land and be binding upon every homeowner, or occupant, as well as their family members, guests, and invitees.
These Rules and Guidelines may be amended or modified from time to time, as conditions change by the Board of Directors, without any prior notice under the authority of the Declaration of Covenants…
1. Each home shall be occupied and used exclusively for single-family, residential purposes and purposes customarily incidental to a residence.

2. No Improvements may be constructed on any Lot, until and unless the Design Review Board has approved the plans.

a. Improvements are defined by the Design Review Board as any construction that will result in a new structure. Examples of new structures are fences, decks, pergolas, patios, mailboxes, sunrooms and gardens. Other structures not listed will also need prior approval by the Design Review Board.
b. Temporary structures such as tents or shelters are permitted but should not be in place more than 7 calendar days.

3. All Improvements, except landscaping, shall be constructed no nearer the street on which a lot fronts than the platted set back line for such Lot, unless a variance to permit construction forward of a setback line has been approved by the appropriated governmental entity exercising jurisdiction over the property and by the Design Review Board.
1. All uses of the Common Property shall benefit or promote the health, safety, welfare, convenience, comfort, recreation, and enjoyment of the Owners and occupants of the home and shall comply with the provisions of the Declaration of Covenants… the laws of the State, and the Rules for Blacklick Ridge.
1. Nothing shall be done or kept in or on any Lot, parcel, or on any portion of the Common Property that is unlawful or hazardous, that might reasonably be expected to increase the cost of casualty or public liability insurance covering the Common Property or that will unreasonably disturb the quiet occupancy of any person residing on any other Lot.
1. No signs shall be erected, posted or displayed upon the lot or common property except:

a. One temporary real estate sign not to exceed six square feet in area advertising that such Lot/Home is for sale
b. Street and identification signs installed by the Association
c. A reasonable period of time before, and not to exceed three days after public governmental election in which the Lot owners are permitted to vote, up to three temporary political signs of not more than six square feet each, expressing support for or opposition against an individual candidate or issue which is the subject of the current election. Political signs containing information or expressing opinions other than simple support, may be removed by the Association and not more than one sign for or against any specific issue or candidate may be posted on any Lot.
d. Garage Sale signs shall be permitted no more than four (4) days prior to said Garage Sale and must be removed no later than twenty-four (24) hours after sale.
e. Graduation announcement signs and other signs of personal or organizational nature (eg High School sport, etc.) shall be permitted no more than (14) days.
f. No other signs are permitted and no signs are permitted in the Common Area. This shall include advertisement signs and construction signs.
1. Please be considerate of you neighbors and bring barking dogs inside.

2. All domestic pets shall be properly restrained and shall not be permitted to roam free or loose on any Lot other than on the Lot of the owner of such pet(s). Pets must be kept in a contained area or on a leash accompanied by Lot Owner at all times when outside.

3. No animal, including domestic pet, shall be kept on the Property if the size, type or characteristics of such animal constitute a nuisance, or which unreasonably interfere with any owner's right to the quiet enjoyment of his/her property.

4. Proper Lot maintenance shall be required and is the obligation of the Lot owner to regularly remove pet waste from Owners Lot.

5. Owners must pick up after pets in common areas or private property or be subject to fines. Any complaints will be reported to the County offices.

6. Outdoor dog houses, animal cages, dog runs are not permitted without approval of the Design Review Board which may be withheld at the Board’s discretion.

7. No person may keep, breed, board or raise any animal, livestock, reptile, or poultry of any kind for breeding or other commercial purpose on any Lot or upon any part of the Common Element.
1. No noxious or offensive trade shall be permitted on the Property or within any dwelling located on the Property; nor shall any use be, made nor condition allowed to exist on any Lot which unreasonably disturbs or interferes with the quiet occupancy of any person residing on any other Lot.
1. No industry, business trade, occupation or profession of any kind may be conducted, operated or established on the Property, without the prior written approval of the Board.

2. This provision shall not prohibit a “Home Office” use in connection with which no non-resident employees are working on the Property and no customers, employees or subcontractors park on the property.
1. Wood for fireplaces and/or fire pits shall be kept in a well-constructed storage rack placed either inside of the garage or to the side or rear of Lot screened from view from the street or other Lot owners. When covering wood is required, a brown or tan tarp shall be used.

2. No other open storage of any kind is permitted.

3. No storage buildings of any kind are permitted including without limitation, sheds or barns.
4. No clutter shall be stored within street view (front yard, driveway, side of house).
1. No Lot may be used for hotel or transient uses, including uses in which the occupant is provided customary hotel services. All residential leases shall be in writing and are subject to the rules and Declarations.

2. Owner(s) of property shall provide a copy of the lease to the Homeowners Association upon request by the Board.

3. All owner(s) must provide a copy of the lease as well as owner contact information to the Blacklick Ridge Homeowners Association Board.

1. The speed limit for the entire community is 25 mph. Violators will be reported to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

2. During months when snow will accumulate, vehicles should be removed from street during weather when street salting or plowing will be required. This will assist the Township in cleaning snow and ice from our streets and make travel safer.

3. No vehicle shall be parked so that it spans the sidewalk and/or makes sidewalk impassible. This is actually illegal and the authorities can ticket you.

4. The Board shall be entitled to create and enforce reasonable rules concerning the parking of any vehicle permitted in the Common Property. In addition to its authority to levy Lot Assessments as penalties for the violation of such rules, the Board shall be authorized to cause the removal of any vehicle violating such rules at the Lot owner’s expense.

5. No trucks, commercial vehicles, watercraft, trailers, campers, buses or mobile homes shall be parked or stored on the street in the Subdivision, or on any Lot except in the garage. The Board may permit the occasional, non-recurring parking of vehicles otherwise prohibited by the foregoing sentence limited to less then forty-eight (48) hours consecutive hours, and not more then ninety-six cumulative hours in any thirty (30) day period.

6. In addition, no automobile or other motor vehicle of any type or description which is not functionally or legally operable is permitted on the Lot or in front of any Lot for a period longer than 7 days unless it is completely shielded from view in the garage. Any vehicle so stored shall be considered a nuisance and the Board shall have the right and the authority to have the vehicle removed at the owner’s expense.

7. The word “trailer" shall include trailer coach, house trailer, mobile home, automobile trailer, camp car, camper or any other vehicle, whether or not self-propelled, constructed or existing in such a manner as would permit use and occupancy thereof, or for storage or the conveyance of machinery, tools or equipment, whether resting on wheels, jacks, tires or other foundation. The word "truck" shall include and mean every type of motor vehicle other than passenger cars, passenger vans and any vehicle other than light pickup truck, which is designed and used as a personal automotive vehicle by an Owner or a member of an Owner’s family.

8. Vehicles larger than a ten passenger vans are presumed to be commercial whereas passenger cars, passenger vans, (full sized or mini vans), pick up trucks, SUV’s and motorcycles are presumed to be designed and used for personal use vehicles.

9. Vehicles shall not be parked to block mailboxes except evenings and Sundays.

10. No vehicles, such as mini-mopeds and ATV’s or similar off-road vehicles, shall be driven on sidewalks or roadways unless properly licensed by the state of Ohio.
1. All trash shall be placed in covered, sanitary containers, and stored either inside of the garage or to the side or rear of Lot screened from view from the street or other Lot owners.

2. Trash not placed in a Township approved container is a potential health hazard that encourages undesired wildlife activity. Violators will be reported.

3. Owner(s) shall place such containers at curbside on Monday evenings for pickup by Waste Management on Tuesday and will remove containers within a reasonable time after.

4. Yard waste should be placed in properly marked containers or bags and place away from regular waste containers.

5. Waste Management will supply recycle bins at request of owner. Waste Management may provide trash containers for an additional fee.

6. Contact Waste Management to set up your account at 614-833-9155. No other waste company may be used.
1. No outside television or radio aerial or antenna, or other aerial or antenna, including satellite receiving dishes, for reception or transmission, shall be maintained on the premises, to the extent permissible under applicable statues and regulations, including those administered by the Federal Communications Commission.

2. This restriction shall not apply to satellite dishes with a diameter less than Twenty-four (24) inches, erected or installed to minimize visibility from the street which the dwelling fronts.
1. Each Lot Owner shall care for and if necessary replace the street tree at the Lot Owners expense with a like type tree.

2. Contact the HOA for the proper tree type.

3. Trees, which span across sidewalks and streets, shall be trimmed at least seven (7) feet above the sidewalks and streets to make our neighborhood look more uniform and provide easy passing for pedestrians.
1. If the mailbox is damaged, destroyed or deteriorates, then, each Lot owner, at such Lot Owner’s expense shall repair or replace such mailbox with another of like kind, design, pattern and color as the initial mailbox.

2. Mailboxes may be stained a natural wood tone or color to match either the home or trim on home.
3. No plastic poles/kit permitted.

4. Mailboxes do not require an Exterior Improvement Application if replacing with permitted mailbox type.

1. All yard lights and lampposts shall conform to the design and location standards set forth by the Developer.

2. Front yard post lamps must be kept in good working order and be illuminated from Dusk to Dawn to help provide a safe environment in the Blacklick Ridge Subdivision.

3. The Board recommends that your rear porch, patio or deck (non-spot lights) be illuminated overnight to help prevent crime.
1. The Design Review Board shall have the authority to establish standards according to which fencing and walls may be permitted in the Subdivision. Said authority shall include the power to prohibit fencing or walls or both, entirely, to prohibit fencing or walls of certain types, and to prohibit fencing or walls in certain areas. All fencing and walls shall conform to the standards set forth by the Design Review Board, and shall be approved by the Board, in writing, prior to installation thereof. By way of example, and not limitation, compliance with the following standards shall be considered by the Board in reviewing fence applications:

2. Fences shall be constructed of wood, approved plastic, wrought iron, stone or brick. Certain styles of aluminum may be approved. Fences must be installed beauty side out. Wood fences must be stained a natural wood or painted to match the trim on the house. Fencing must be installed in a professional and workman like manner and maintained in a neat fashion. Chain link fencing shall not be permitted. Dark painted or coated wire mesh attached to the inside of an approved fence may be permitted.

3. No fence shall be constructed in excess of forty-eight inches (48”) above the finished grade; unless required by governmental regulation, then only the minimum will be permitted.

4. Fences shall not be located closer to the street than parallel to the street and extending midpoint between the front and rear of the corners of the home. In no event shall fences be located closer to any street than the building line shown on the recorded plat, except for ornamental railings, walls or fences not exceeding three feet (3’) in height which are located on or adjacent to entrance platforms or steps.

5. Treated wood split rail fences are permitted.

6. Fences shall be located on property lines where possible, or set back not less than 3 feet. Fences are not to jog around utility boxes.
7. Written permission from each neighbor is required when tying into neighbor's fence (using their side as one of your own side(s)).
8. Area located between each fence must be maintained (mowed, weeded, etc.). Maintenance can be shared between neighbors.
1. Only professionally installed in-ground pools are allowed. All such pools would need Design Review Board approval, and must comply with all local government requirements.

2. Kiddie pools (those designed for children under the age of 5) are permitted but must be temporary in nature and follow the guideline below (P3).

3. No above ground pool extending twelve (12) inches or more above the finished grade of the Lot shall be permitted upon any Lot except that this Article IV, Paragraph S shall not be intended to prohibit the installation of a hot tub or sauna.

1. Play sets:
a. Shall be installed in a professional, workman like manner.
b. Shall be placed on the Lot so all play is confined to the Lot, centered directly to the rear of the home to minimize view for the street and to ensure that all play is conducted in the Lot unless the Design Review Board allows another location.
c. No swings or any other play equipment are permitted to be hung from trees in front yard of the property.
d. Shall be properly maintained or removed from the property.
e. No metal play sets will be permitted.

2. Trampolines and inflated play equipment:
a. Must be centered in the Lot owner’s back yard to minimize view from the street and to contain all play to the lot.
b. Must be secured to the ground so that it does not get blown away during inclement weather.
c. Shall be stored out of site from November 1 to March 1. 
3. Basketball Hoops and Courts:
a. The Design Review Board must approve all basketball courts and permanent basketball hoops. b. No basketball court or hoops shall be lit for night play. Play shall be restricted for all basketball hoops from 10:00 am to dusk.
c. Play must be restricted to the Lot Owner’s driveway and/or lot.
d. Portable Basketball hoops should be kept in good condition and may be placed on a driveway only.
e. No portable basketball hoop shall be secured by bags of sand, mulch, rocks, bricks, etc.
f. No basketball hoops may be placed on the street, sidewalk, driveway apron or easement between the sidewalk and street.
g. The basketball hoops cannot overhang the street or sidewalk. This is against the law. These areas are owned by Jefferson Township and maintained by the Lot owner.
a. No clotheslines, metal swings, storage tanks other than propane tanks for grills will be permitted on the Lot.
b. No large statues may be placed on front property and/or near front porch, driveway, garage, etc.
1. Each owner or occupant shall repair, replace and maintain the Lot in good order and safe sanitary condition at the owner's expense. Examples of repair and replace are as follows but are not limited to: Repair rotting trim and fencing. Painting of house trim, shutters, doors and fencing. Power washing of the residence. Keeping driveway free of unnecessary clutter, large holes and sealed as needed.
2. Lawn mowing shall be done on a regular basis throughout the mowing season. All mulch beds are to kept free of weeds. Sidewalk shall be kept clean and safe for pedestrians including snow removal in winter. Items such as toys, tools, bicycles, trash cans, etc. shall be stored out of plain site when not in use.
3. Approved structures constructed on each lot will also be kept in good working order. The Design Review Board reserves the right to inspect all structures for compliance with safe sanitary conditions. The Design Review Board also has the right to require repair/removal of structures deemed unsafe.
4. Repairs, replacement or color (without alterations or change) made to existing Lot or approved structures do not require an Exterior Improvement Application to the Design Review Board.

1. Winter holiday lights and reasonable decorations are permitted. They may not be displayed before Thanksgiving, and must be removed in a reasonable time frame after the holiday, weather permitting. 
a. The designated holiday light period will start at Thanksgiving of each year and end on January 15th of each year. No holiday lights should be displayed between January 15th of any given year and Thanksgiving.
2. Other holiday decorations (i.e. Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving) are permitted and may be displayed within a reasonable time frame before and after the holiday. The reasonable timeframe is plus or minus 7 days of the holiday.

1. To avoid unnecessary hardship and/or overcome practical difficulties of these Community Guidelines (based on “Declaration of Covenant, Easements, Conditions, and Restrictions”) the Design Review Board (aka Exterior Improvement Committee) shall have the authority to grant reasonable variances from these rules and architectural standards, provided that the activity or condition is not prohibited by applicable law and the Design Review Board deems to be in the best interest of the community.

2. Any variance granted shall not serve as a precedent or waiver of any rule from any other person or property.

3. Homeowners meeting the criteria detailed in the above Section (1) can file a written Variance Request to the Design Review Board. Any such request must outline the request and reasons the Design Review Board should grant the request.
1. Please refer to the Procedures for Resolution of Violations of the “Declaration of Covenant, Easements, Conditions, and Restrictions”